> Sugwon Hong

Sugwon Hong

Department of Computer Engineering
Myongji University
38-2 Nam-dong, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 449-728
tel: (031)330-6777
fax: (031)336-6476
email: swhong@mju.ac.kr

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What's New

2015년 1학기부터 일반대학원 소속으로 보안 경영공학과 신설되어 컴퓨터 공학과 주도로 운영하게 된다.

2014년 2학기부터 산업대학원 소속으로 융합보안학과 신설되어 컴퓨터 공학과에서 운영하게 된다.



2018 Fall

  1. Cyber Security for Power Grid
  2. Discrete Mathematics

2016 Spring


  1. Security and Authentication


Recent Publications

  1. Security Challenges for Customer Domain in the Smart Grid, Special Session 1: Smart Grid, APAP 2011, Beijing, October 2011 [PPT]

  2. Performance Enhancement of Network Devices with Multi-Core Processors, CSE 2011, Dalian, August 2011 [PDF]

  3. Parallel Execution of AES-CTR Algorithm Using Extended Block Size, CSE 2011, Dalian, August 2011 [PDF]

  4. Information Protection Methodologies for the Smart Grid in Korea, Internet and Information Security, Vol 2, No 1, May 2011 [PDF (Korean)]

  5. Parallel Implementation of an Out-of-Core Finantial Application on a GPU, ICHIT 2010, Daejeon, August 2010 [PDF]
  1. Challenges and Direction toward Secure Communication in the SCADA System , 8th Communication Research and Network Services, May 2010 [PDF]
  1. Security Protocols against Cyber Attacks in the Distributed Automation System, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery, Vol.25, No 1, January 2010 [PDF]

  2. Experimenting Security Algorithms for the IEC 61850-based Substation Communication, Proc. of 2009 China-Korea Forum on Protective Relaying, Beijing, China, Sep. 2009 [PDF]

  3. Widget-based Web Development: Basic Ideas, MITA, Osaka, Japan, Aug. 2009 [PDF]

  4. Evaluation of Security Algorithms for the SCADA System based on IEC 61850, ICEE, Shenyang, July 2009 [PDF]

  5. Communication Architecture and Security Issues for Distribution Automation Systems, Panel presentation of "Network Security Technology for Infrastructure and Industrial Systems" in ICEE, Okinawa, July 2008 [PDF]

  6. Distributed Restoration System Applying Multi-Agent in Distribution Automation System, IEEE PES General Meeting, Pittsburgh, July 2008 [PDF]

  7. Trusted Mobility Support Protocol in the Mobile IPv6 Networks, ICEIC, Tashkent, June 2008 [PDF]

  8. Applying Security Algorithms against Cyber Attacks in the Distributed Automation System, IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, Chiacago, April 2008  [PDF]

  9. Cyber Security Algorithms in the Distribution Automation System, Trans. of KIEE, Vol. 57, No 3, March 2008 [PDF (Korean)]

  10. Consideration for Improving Open Source Web Application Firewall, IT Service Fall Conference, Nov. 2007   [PDF (Korean)]

  11. Evolution of communication networks for distribution automation system in Korea, APAP, April 2007 [PDF]

  12. A distributed communication architecture based on the peer-to-peer model for enhancing distribution automation system services, Trans. of KIEE, Vol. 56, No 3, March 2007 [PDF (Korean)]

  13. Performance Implication of a CMT Processor for OpenMP Applications, IFIP Int'l Conf. on Network and Parallel Computing, Tokyo, October 2006 [PDF]

  14. Algorithms for network service guarantee under minimal link usage information, IFIP 19th World Computer Congress, Santiago, Chile, August 2006 [PDF]

Professionally who I am

I have joined the faculty of Myongji University since March 1995.
I received a B.S.degree in Physics in 1979 from Seoul National university and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from North Carolina State University in 1988 and 1992. After my undergraduate study, I worked at Software Development Center of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Energy Economic Research Center, and then R&D Dept. of SK Energy(formerly Yukong Ltd.) until August 1986. In 1986 I entered North Carolina State University and in 1992 received a Ph.D. under the direction of Dr. Harry Perros. My dissertation was "Modelling and Analysis of a Shared Buffer ATM Switch Architecture for Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks".

After that, I traveled around the world for a while, and came back to Korea, and have worked at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI), a government-run research institute until I came to Myongji University. At ETRI, I have worked on the development of an ATM concentrator which was the part of the national project called HAN/B-ISDN. Following the project, I kept working on the research about next-generation Internet technology, particularly the issues of providing Quality-of-Service on the Internet and Multiprotocl Label Switching(MPLS). Working on these subjects led me to attend IETF meetings from 1995 to 2002 regularly.

Since 2006 I have been involved in the project in which my role is to provide security measures for the power grid including the power distribution automation system and the SCADA network. The project is a part of the work of the Next Generation Power Technology Center in Myongji University.